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Working With The Right Tools.

Every day in life we learn, well some of us. Others are either too proud to learn or just cannot be bothered. I happen to be one of those that love learning no matter who is teaching.

As I was cleaning my bathrooms this morning, I had a flash back. I remembered when I used to spend so much time trying to make these bathrooms looks clean with no water marks, but I never seem to make that happen. For me, I love a clean house and I love a clean bathroom especially. I kept on trying every cleaning product I saw at the shop, still no change. Cleaning these bathrooms now turned into frustration for me. I did this for years and did not get the desired result that I wanted - a bathroom with no water marks. I was at the verge of giving up, but I just could not stand the bathroom not looking the way I wanted it to look. After a while, I decided to hire a cleaner to clean these bathrooms for me. The first time the lady cleaned the bathrooms, oh my goodness, they looked so perfect. That was exactly how I wanted them to look like. My problem was solved. No, it was not. The cleaner lady was not always available the days I wanted her. That meant I had weeks the bathrooms were not looking spot on, hum.

On this fateful day, the lady came. So, I was telling her that I wish she could be available at the times I needed her. She turned to me and said, “Queen, your bathroom is one of the cleanest that I have ever cleaned.” She also suggested that I buy a particular cleaning product that she uses. She sent me the picture of the product and where I can get it. She explained how to use it and advised that I can just use it to clean my bathrooms on days that I cannot get hold of her. Let just say that my bathrooms are looking clean since then and am happy.

The moral of the story is, you cannot keep doing the same thing the same way and expect a different result, life does not work that way. If you need a change, you need to change your method, style, or direction in life.

Furthermore, in most cases, you might not be able to do it all by yourself, in such cases, you need the help or advise of an expert to achieve your desired result.

Also, you need to be willing to invest your time and money to achieve your desired results.

No matter how much time I spent cleaning my bathrooms, because I was using the wrong tools, I was not going to achieve the result I wanted. I was only going to get frustrated each time.

If I were not willing to spend some cash by hiring a cleaning expert, I would not have learnt that there is a particular product that does the task effortlessly.

If you are doing something and not achieving the desired result, change your method and in most cases seek the advice or services of an expert. This is applicable in your life, relationships, career and most importantly, your mental health.

I cannot stress it enough, seek help before it is too late. Do not bother about what people will say, you are the person dealing with the issue not people. Do the right thing to achieve the desired result.

Sending you lots of love and hugs.

Catch you on the next blog.



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