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About Queen

 I am an engineer by profession, a wife, a mother, a lover of the word, a teacher of the word and a proponent of godly living and raising godly alters. I am passionate about teenagers, youths and making marriages work. I always look out for opportunity to speak to youths and married couples about maximizing their seasons,living as effective people for Christ, making the right and godly decisions at every stage of life and setting accomplishable goals. Am the author of " Sex, Relationship and Life - a book that seeks to strike the right balance in relationships, and to re-emphasize the need for young people to engage in relationships with a sense of responsibility and a decision to keep it pure.

Am also a motivational Speaker and a personality builder, my objective is to let people know that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to achieve. You just need to be determined at being the best in life no matter the challenges you face.

Tailoring marriages and relationship to be unique.

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