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Should i have sex before marriage ?

What's the consequence of having sex before marriage ? Is it good or bad ? Should i or should i not? Like I always say, this is my opinion, everyone is entitled to  there's. So back to the subject, sex before marriage. Personally am such sure why we people deem it necessary to have sex prior to marriage, besides the issues of getting pregnant, STDs' heart breaks, I want to talk about the spiritual implication of pre martial sex. Sex as we all know is a blood covenant, it involves the exchange of body fluid between the man and woman. So, you decide to sleep with a man/woman prior to marriage, you automatically become soul mates to the number of people the man/woman have slept with in the pass. The soul mate chain continues depending on the number of people the man/woman sleeps with. Believe it or not, the spiritual realm controls the physical. Perhaps along the soul mate chain, there's one partner who is out to steal, kill and destroy, you have instantly attached yourself to that one. So for me, pre martial sex should not happen prior to marriage, believe me when you are married, there will be days you plan on excuse you will give to your husband/wife for not wanting to make love. Save the best for the last.

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