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Perfect Time.

I will start exercising when the time is right, I will start improving myself when the time is right, I will give up that ugly habit when the time is right, blah blah blah. These and many more are just few things that people are waiting to do when the time is perfect.

Reality check - There's no perfect time than now. In life, you are only guaranteed now, you do not even have control of today, you only have now. So, why are you wasting time waiting for the perfect time ? If you cant bring yourself to do something now, you probably wont be able to bring yourself to do it later.

Am not sure what you have planed to do and you are supposedly waiting for the perfect time, my advice to you is, get up and do it.

Do you need to get a qualification for a better tomorrow ? get up now and do it. Do you want to work on yourself to be a better version of yourself ? Do it now. Do you want to drop that bad habit that's making life difficult for you ? Now is the time to do it because the perfect time is now. Even the bible mentioned that if you keep considering the weather, you will never sow. Life comes with all sorts of weathers, some you can control, others, you simply cannot control. For the fact that the weather isn't turning out the way you figured it out in your head do not mean that you sit down, fold your hands and wait for it to get better, no way. You need to embrace life with whatever it throws at you and be intentional to make the best out it.

The perfect time is now because, time waits for nobody, besides, time is a currency that once spent, you can never retrieve it. Maximize your time and be your best. Stop waiting for the perfect time and utilise the present time you have now wisely.

Sending you lots of love and hugs.

Catch you on the next blog.


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