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Deal with it.

There are things in life that if you do not deal with it, it will deal with you. Most times in ways you may not like.

It is getting warm over here, so that means lots of creepy crawlers are coming out as it is summer. I got home one day and noticed on the front door that there were these tiny creatures around the front door. I took a closer look and realised that they were everywhere. Anyway, I said they were outside as such nothing to worry about. On a second thought, I decided to check inside the house. I noticed that there were a few of them on the door and the wall inside the house. I quickly, went to the utility room and got the ant spray. I sprayed it all over the door and left it there. Next morning, I found out that the ant spray did the job, there were no more creepy crawlers around the front door, they were all gone.

What I learnt was, there are issues in life that you cannot just neglect or ignore. You need to deal with it immediately. Imagine ignoring those tiny creatures on the outside, they would have infected the house, but because I dealt with it at once, that stopped them in their tracks.

Somethings might look really tiny but their effects on you could be massive and detrimental.

That bad habit that you are feeding might destroy you. That unhealthy relationship that you are in, and you are not seeking help might destroy you. That toxic treatment from someone that you keep neglecting might just get worst. The low self esteem that keeps knocking your self-confidence might make you lose better opportunities in life. That approval addiction you look for in others might ruin you if you do not deal with it. You know yourself and you know what your issues are, deal with them now.

My point is, nick it in the bud before it gets bigger than you. There are some things that you just cannot ignore. You know it is wrong, your mind keeps telling you it is wrong, but you keep ignoring all the warning signs, I just hope it is not too late for you by the time you decide to deal with it. Deal with it before it deals with you.

Life is too short for things that destroy your mental wellbeing. You have one life, and this is not a dress rehearsal, this is authentic.

I hope you get the strength to deal with those tiny creatures (Life issues) before they deal with you.

Sending you lots of love and hugs.

Catch you on the next blog.



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