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Tough times don't last but Tough people do.

I recently came to understand what the topic above really meant - If you have never experienced a thing, you will never have a full understanding of what it feels like.

In life people go through a lot and if you're not the person wearing the shoes, I honestly don't think you have the right to judge them. The situation I found myself recently, I would not even wish for an enemy but here am I dealing with it one day at a time.

If you are going through any tough situation at the moment, this is for you. Always remember that no storm lasts forever, same is applicable to the situation that you find yourself in. The situation might be tough but you need to be intentional about outliving your situation. From experience, I have realised that one key to surviving any tough situation is to have HOPE, in addition to hope be determined not to give up on yourself.

Tough times could lead to depression, but hope is that one thing that keeps you going. Hope that each day will be better than the past day. Hope that you will make it to the bright side, hope that everything will be fine even when they do not appear to be fine. You must never ever give up on hope. Hope for a better tomorrow no mater what today looks like.

No matter how much anyone encourages you during your tough times, if you don't believe that all will be well, it will never be.

Your hope shapes your subconscious mind to keep pushing and never give up until you achieve the desired result. Hope for better outcome motivates you to keep pushing forward even on days you completely do not feel like it.

I might not be in the same situation like you, but am here to tell you that hope and not giving up have seen me this far and I wont give up until I achieve my desired result. Stay strong, trust the Lord, have hope and don't give up on yourself because giving up is never an option for survival.

Sending you lots of love and hugs.

Catch you on the next blog.



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