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Mentally strong.

This is a very sensitive subject for me to write about. Most times, we tend to feel if we ignore the way we feel mentally that it will go away, well, it doesn't, it only builds up to a greater magnitude. The worst thing one can do to themselves is to live in denial about their mental status. When we speak about mental well being, the first thing that pops to most people's mind is insanity - no it is not.

It's absolutely ok to acknowledge the state of your mental health. If you are feeling hurt, discouraged, tired, unhappy, upset etc, you don't have to deny the way you are feeling. Acknowledge it and learn how to deal with it. This is not only applicable to adults, it is equally applicable to children. We need to be observant about our children's mental well being as well.

We all have our "days off" when it comes to mental health. Am yet to see that individual who is happy 24/7. People get hurt in their relationship with others, in their marriage, in their profession, in their social circle, with siblings etc. These stuff happen and most times, i find people trying to pretend that it's not there, that's totally wrong.

When you feel mentally challenged with your mood, first, identify what is the root cause of your feelings. Are you angry, upset or disappointed etc? Try to identify exactly how you are feeling, what you are feeling. This first step helps treat the issue at hand. Once you have done this, don't bottle it up within, try and find a way of releasing that stress.

For me, most times when am mentally challenged ( this does not refer to insanity), when am upset, when am not in the best of moods, the first thing i do after identifying my feelings is to off load it from my mind. I sometimes write down my feeling, why am feeling the way am feeling. Most times, a simple act of removing myself from the scenario does great wonders. That's me "WALKING". In some situations, i choose to walk. I find out that when i "walk - walking away from that situation without giving them a piece of my mind", it allows me to calm down, look at the issue from a different perspective. I have also found out that when i "walk", it helps me regain my mental power. When you are balanced mentally, believe me you handle things better.

Other times, i just cry, yes i do cry, am not a super woman. I cry out my frustration with that situation. believe it or not most times after crying, i feel better mentally.

Other times, i seek out a trusted person from my circle of trustees ( these are a few i pray together with, the few who are real with me, tells me the truth no matter how bad it hurts) and just pour out my mind to them. I offend get encouraged after such sections.

If you find out that you are not coping, please seek professional help and there's nothing wrong with that.

My point is never pretend about the way you are feeling mentally. Identify it and sort out the best way of addressing it. When these are not addressed on time, it could lead to depression and other serious mental issues. So, please do look after yourself because you are worth looking after. Love yourself and treat yourself well. When you do this, you can be mentally strong for yourself and the people around you. You are more productive when you are mentally strong.


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