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People have so many definitions for the word Manipulation. For me the best definition still remains, " When your words do not match your actions". Be careful when someone tells you one thing and does another thing. Be careful when someone tries to invalidate your feelings/emotions - that's manipulation. Be careful with anyone who tries to blame you when you call them out on something they have done wrong. Be careful when someone suddenly sees you as selfish when you try to set some healthy boundaries with them. Be careful with people who sees you as problematic simply because you have decided to stand up for yourself and say no to the wrongs they have done to you. People who fall under these categories are simply manipulating you. If you continue to fall for their tricks, then they will simply carry on using you. Manipulators enjoy using others for their selfish gratification.

Most times people who are being manipulated do not even realise that they are being manipulated because the manipulator will make it appear as if that person is the problem. Whenever you try to confront them for something they have done wrong, they will so twist the situation that you now find yourself apologising for not even doing anything wrong.

Being manipulated almost feel like being brainwashed because you're constantly made to believe that there's something wrong with with you rather than seeing that the person manipulating you is at fault.

One thing I will say is, always listen to your intuition. Once you start feeling like something is wrong with the way someone is treating you, don't dismiss that and always have the courage to walk away from such people.

Walking away from a manipulative person does not always mean that you no longer care about that person, rather it means that you cherish your sanity and peace of mind enough to know that you deserve better. Some love are better practised from a distance. Stay strong.

Sending you lots of love and hugs.

Catch you on the next blog.



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