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Celebrate your little wins !

It's funny how most people only think that the stuff worth celebrating is the big and mighty stuff. That's absolutely not right. I have learnt to celebrate any win either big or small. Actually, the small wins motivate you to do better when it comes to bigger stuff.

I have realised that life always do not hand you stuff you want, anything that you want in life you actually need to go get it by yourself. Once I understood this, I started valuing myself a lot. I started realising that the things i consider as a small win is someone else's big dream. By not celebrating my small wins, that makes me no different from a brat.

Don't always wait for something massive or huge to happen before you celebrate, every positive action, progress, mindset is a win. It might not make much sense to you but I definitely want you to start celebrating those stuff you consider as small wins.

I don't have to wait for the time I invent something great to celebrate. Listen, the days i get home from work and am still able to prep a nice meal for the family is a win for me. The days i wake up and am not feeling overwhelmed by things happening around me is a win. This very blog am writing at this time is a win for me. The days am able to exercise is a win for me. My small wins encourage me to know that i can achieve more if am consistent and dont give up on me. The days I miss a task and am able to pick that task up the next day is a win for me. That shows me that am not a quitter. The days I also do something massive is a win for me.

Moreover, I don't compare my wins with other people's wins. With all due respect to everyone, your win is your win and I do not intend to compare it with mine because we are both not on the same path in life.

As you read this, I want you to search within yourself and identify your small wins. Learn to appreciate yourself for doing great with those wins, even better learn to reward yourself, give yourself a pat on the shoulder for doing so well.

Remember that your small wins make room for bigger wins, so, stay focused, value yourself, appreciate the things you do and never look down on any of your wins, either small or massive. A win is a win as long as it is something you achieved yourself.

Catch you on the next blog. Sending you lots of hugs.


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