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An honest Mistake or a bad Habit?

I have seen so many people blame the cause of their actions on someone or something. Sometimes people will tell you that it was a mistake.

Don't get me wrong, we will all make a mistake at one point or another in our life. There will be times and seasons in your life when you get something wrong for the first time and that's ok. Getting something wrong the first time is a mistake. The importance of that is, you now know that the act, behaviour or even attitude is wrong and you have the opportunity to get it right the next time. Mistakes only become bad when you don't have the willingness to learn from it and correct it.

When you repeat that same action over and over due to your unwillingness to learn from it and correct it, that now becomes a bad mistake and a bad habit.

When people keep treating you wrong and they keep interpreting it as a mistake, that's wrong. The first time they did that to you was a mistake. Their continuous attitude of not wanting to change now makes it a bad habit and they clearly have no intentions to change or even correct their actions.

When a first time mistake turns into a habit, then the person in question have no intention to change.

You can forgive a mistake as long as the person is willing to change. When that mistake becomes a habit, kindly forgive but this time, draw a line on the sand - set up some strong boundaries. The boundaries are there to keep you sane and also to ensure that you are not manipulated.

Stay safe. Sending you lots of hugs and love.

Catch you on the next blog.



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