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Be careful whom you share your visions with.

I remember back in the days when my mum will say to me " days are evil, be careful how you talk and dish out your secrets to people". That was back when I was a teenager ( am still very young now). That advise kept resonating back in my mind as I grew up and it started making so much meaning to me. In life you need to be very careful whom you share you visions with. Not everyone who claims to be a friend is happy with your visions for your life especially when that vision is so magnificent and they cant imagine you stepping into. Sharing your vision with the wrong person/s can easily lead to envy, jealousy and in most cases lost of life. Joseph in the bible did share his vision with his family and that did not turn out well, he nearly lot his life.

When you have a vision, mostly commit it into God's hand and with wisdom, seek out genuine people who will help you, support you actualise your vision. When you share your vision with the wrong person, they will pull you down, they will want to talk you out of that dream. With no disrespect to anyone, not everyone in life wants to be great, not everyone is willing to go the extra mile to be extra ordinary. You need to bridle your tongue, talk less, listen more. Some people have shared their visions with so called friends and these friends either stole their ideas or even sort to destroy them.

I recently read the story of Qaphela Gobodo, the teenager whom his team mates set ablaze because he told them that he got a Ruby scholarship which will help him actualise his dreams of becoming a professional ruby player. That story really touched my heart. Sharing your vision with the wrong crowd could even terminate your life.

Let's be careful with so called unfriendly friends, frenemies and destiny destroyers. Even the bible said in Proverbs 21 : 23 - " Whosoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble".

Remember, be careful whom you share your life aspirations with. A word is enough for the wise.

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