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Self Confidence - Escaping from the shadows.

This is one self skill that we struggle with. I did struggle with self confidence for a long time and that kept me in the shadows. I had low self esteem, always felt like I could not achieve anything, but I especially felt that I was not living my life to the best. Somehow within me, I knew I wanted more for myself, I didn't want to be feeling like a failure. I hated the sense of insecurity I felt whenever am among people. One day, I sat myself down and took a stock of why I was lacking self confidence and why my self esteem was flat zero. It was not an easy conversation, but that conversation lead to me making positive changes to my life. Myself told me that if I don't change, I will get to the stage I start to envy people who are confident in themselves, I did not want that in my life.

I have not always being confident ( believe it or not). There were times I couldn't speak to a group of people. In order to build my self esteem, I took the following steps after praying and asking God to help me.

I started believing in myself, I started affirming to myself that " am the best", " am good with what I do", " I might make mistakes, but there's always room for improvement" etc. It look a while, but I started seeing results. By just believing in me and carrying myself around gracefully, my esteem was gradually kicking in.

Next, I looked for what I loved doing. I asked myself what do I need to do to enhance my self confidence. I found out that the job I was doing at that time was not helping my self confidence. I wanted a role change. Next step, role change. I started taking trainings on how to make myself better, how do I get a job fit for a Queen ?. It took months of endless training, one miscarriage, getting sacked, travelling miles away from home, sleepless nights etc, but at the end, I got the job I had my eyes on.

The next step I took was being positive. I embraced positivity. I encouraged me. I told me, you can do this. I started to see the glass half full rather than half empty.

I moved to practising on myself. To boost my self confidence, I told myself I had to look good. I started changing the way I dressed. I wanted people to speak to me respectfully. To get the part, you need to look the part. I was committed to boosting my self esteem. I was my own biggest fan. I put away every self pity I had for myself, stopped blaming others for things i don't have. That was when I learnt " No one owes you anything". I said to myself, Queen, you owe it to yourself to work on your self confidence. I took courses that will help my career, i took steps to work on myself, above all, i made up my mind that i was never giving up on me. After all, i am fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139:14.

If you are struggling with your self esteem, do pray and i hope the steps i took for myself will help you.

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