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Masturbation-A harmless act ? 2

So this is an update to yesterday's post. One of my readers commented on the " Why" of masturbation and I feel it is important I address that. My reader stated that most women find themselves in this act because their husbands are selfish, and that most husbands see love making as solely for their own satisfaction. My reader also mentioned that most husbands don't care about their wife's emotional and sexual well-being. After reading those comments, I knew I had to update this blog.

I know that most of us may not agree with the comment, but the comment is very true for most married women. Remember this blog is for us to review issues and be realistic. I want to point out here that love making in marriage is for the satisfaction of both the wife and the husband and should not be self centred in any way. Love making should not be a burden to either party. Love making should be enjoyed.

Can I point out that couples need to always review and update their sex live. Couples need to ensure that each person is satisfied after love making. The husband should ensure that the wife climax and vice versa. Love making should not be one sided. Husbands ensure that you don't live your wife half way in the act. The fact that you have climaxed before your spouse does not mean you leave them, remember that this is a journey and it is important that you carry each other along.After love making, ask your spouse simple questions like, " hope you enjoyed it", " how can we make it more fun next time", " what can we explore on next time", " what style do you enjoy most" ?. Honestly for crying out loud, that man is your husband, that woman is your wife. If you don't discuss such subjects with them, who will you discuss it with? If after love making you as a women do not feel satifisied, be open and tell your husband how you feel rather than resolve to mastubation, and also for the men, when your wife confides in you that you didn't satisfied them, please make any effort to improve, swallow your ego and ask her what she likes. Find out how your spouse want to be loved when it comes to love making, not what you think works for them. Discuss it. Assess your love life, update it please - DAU

Love making should not be a fast food affair. You don't jump in and jump out. You allow time to explore. Be kind enough to care for your wife's or husband feelings. Most women see love making as a chore simply because of the points mentioned above and this shouldn't be.

Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured. Help your spouse to enjoy it. It should not be another chore and the women should not feel used when it comes to love making simply because the husband do not care about them being satisified and vice versa.

Remember that there's no perfect marriage, but if both parties do their best, that marriage could be enjoyable. Let's be each others keeper in our marriage. Enough said.

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