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Sex toys in marriage, to use or not to use ?

A very interesting subject with lots of divided opinions about what should be. So, you are married, thank God for you, next, do sex toys have a place in your marriage ? should me and my husband use sex toys to make our sex life more adventurous ? Will sex toys help either of us to climax quicker and better ? I can go on and on about questions relating to this and it is endless. Here is what I think, as always everyone is entitled to their opinion. Let me start from the origin of marriage and how it was meant to be. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman simple. Also the bible stated that God made them - Man and woman to become one Genesis 2:24. Using that as a foundation, we clearly see that marriage involves two people - man and woman. Introducing a sex toy into your sex life as a couple now means that there's a third party in that relationship, and as the popular saying goes, " three is a crowd". In your sex life, you should get the ultimate pleasure from your wife/husband not some toy. When you use a sex toy to climax, you are indirectly relying on that sex toy to give you pleasure rather than your wife/husband. The impact of that means that you both fail to work on your sex life, you fail to improve it, you fail for find ways/methods to make your wife/husband enjoy sex and climax. A third party - sex toy can be a sort of idol in your marriage especially when one party gets so addicted to it. If a sex toy is the key stuff that makes your wife/husband climax, let me ask you - of what value are you to your wife/husband when it comes to love making ? Husband and wife should be able to enjoy love making together, find ways to make it more fun, make each other long for that moment your wife/husband touch you and you melt away in love. Anyway enough said for now. A word is enough for the wise. Are you wise ?

Please if you are a woman that have undergone FGM, do seek professional advise in this area.

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