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Today, I wanted to talk about something that really bothers me. This particular subject seem to have many prisoners, most times you try to fight against it, other times it appears as if you are completely helpless about it. That subject is " PROCRASTINATION" I know most of us are familiar with this subject and most of us are struggling with it.

I have read many definition about this subject matter, but am going to define it exactly the way I feel about it.

" Procrastination means, unnecessarily delaying things that you have the ability to do and well able to do " -- Queen Oduaro.

The above is exactly how I define this subject matter.

The question now is why do we procrastinate ? Am not sure why you procrastinate, but I will tell you why I do.

I procrastinate because am lazy at time.

I procrastinate because am scared of failing and trying out new things.

I procrastinate because most times I misplace my priority.

I procrastinate because I think what I need to do is impossible.

I procrastinate because of distractions

I can go on and on about why I procrastinate but that 's not going to be beneficial now, but after careful thought, I came up with a solution to my procrastination, and that have helped me a lot - " Get on with it " - When I have a goal to achieve, rather than spending my time trying to justify why it wont work, I get on with it. If I fail, I go back to the drawing table and re plan. I bet you thought I was going to give up if I fail, not a chance, I will keep trying until I achieve my desired goal.

Another thing that helped me against procrastination is to be true to myself about my abilities. I never compare what I can achieve with other people's achievements. People have different abilities, so I know my abilities and as such I work on them.

Also I try to give myself a pat on the shoulder when I achieve a goal no matter how small. Yes, when I achieve a set goal, I am motivated. So , I reward myself ( I deserve it ), I buy myself a cuppa, nice kebab or even pizza. (The thought of myself rewarding me at the end of a set target keeps me going).

So what is stopping you today from achieving your goals/target ? If procrastination is one of them, I suggest you get up and get on with it, at the end of the day, you loose nothing by trying, but you never know what you can achieve when you don't try.

To your success.


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