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Are you an Eagle or a Chicken ?

The Eagle as we know is a majestic bird, peculiar in its own way, full of grace,not trying to be like any other but tying the to be an Eagle.

The Eagle is a strong bird, not easily defeated, fights hard and keeps its head high.

The Eagle is not bothered by the storm, it soars high with the storm.

The Eagle has great vision, always focused on its prey.

The Eagle flies alone, not interested in the crowd.

The Eagle do not feed on dead things, always feast on fresh prey.

The Eagle test before trusting.

The Eagle prepares it young to be able to face life outside the nest.

You might be wondering at this stage, what has this got to do with me ? Well the truth is that it has everything to do with you.

Just like an Eagle, be determined not to give in to the challenges of life, be strong and keep your head up no matter the issue.

When life storms faces you, take on it, don't always see negative things from every storm, see the positive side of things. The storm might be bad, but it is this same storm that brings about rain. Look out for the rain in every storm.

Never take your eyes off the goal. Have goals in life. Start with basic daily goals, when you are disciplined with these, you can move onto bigger goals. Set realistic goals.

Just as the Eagle do not feed on dead things, let go of a bad past, disappointments, neglects, pain, whatever it might be that is hurting you. If you don't move away from that past, you are very likely going to destroy your future. The past is gone, what you have ahead is your future focus on it.

As the Eagle test before trusting, never assume that you will get 100% from everyone in life, even a robot do not have a 100% output. Try people with smaller issues before relying on them with greater issues.

If the Eagle deems it necessary to prepare the eaglet for the outside world by teaching them how to fly, I think we all should do the same, we have to be prepared.

Be prepared before an opportunity knocks at your door.

The Chicken do not possess any of the characterises that an Eagle has, the choice is yours today,

Are you an Eagle or a Chicken, choose your path wisely.

God bless you.

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