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Why Uniquelyya ?

Uniquely ya was birth to address all relationship, marriage and life choice questions people ask, both young, single and married. The "unholy" questions" which people don't like discussing about. These questions that are left unanswered have destroyed many lives and marriages. Here at Uniquelyya, I will address all these and many more without holding back. Questions ranging from, "Should I have sex before marriage? "Should I use sex toys in my marriage"? What do the bible say about masturbation? Should I stay in an abusive marriage ?Yes ,all those sensitive questions, I will be dealing with them here. Keep calm and keep reading. Am very passionate about these " sensitive topics" because we need to address them and address them rightly. How are we going to impact this generation and generations after us if we fail to talk about these issues.


Here on my blog site, I will be blogging about, Life styles, family matters, relationship issues, marriage issues and most importantly, self love. You have got to love you to excel in life.

Join me on my journey as we discuss these issues.

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